Earn From Home (EFH) Programme

Crypto Warrior Programme

Dear Friends, During these days of lockdown would you like to earn money sitting at home using your Android mobile phone.

If yes, we will tell you How ?

This is not Business. Not a MLM. Not Marketing. This is people teaching people programme

You need the following.

Android Mobile Phone | An amount of 0.08 ETH (CryptoCurrency) | Your desire to earn money

You can earn around ETH 12.4 in around 30 – 60 days.

You can also Earn ETH 3500 within One Year

If you are serious and interested please contact the person who referred you.

Earn From Home (EFH) Programme is an Amazing, simple and easy but very powerful.

You pay 0.08 ETH through the system as Tuition fee to the person who is willing to teach you.

You then select 2 students who will pay 0.08 ETH each to you through the system as Tuition Fees.

You have now received double the ETH you have paid as Tuition Fees.

Empower them to select 2 students just like you did.

You upgrade your teaching levels from 2 to 8 step by step as shown in the “What you should do?” Section below.

If you duplicate this simple process sitting at Home using your Mobile phone you will Earn considerable Income in 3 months time.

Nobody can stop this programme.

Nobody can hack this because it is based on BlockChain Ethereum Smart Contract using an electronic ledger.

There is No middle man. You will get instant payments. No Competition. Only Cooperation. More Teaching. More Income.

It is a People teaching and supporting People programme. Best suited for LockDown period.

Just Sign-up, Log-on, Teach and Earn.

Earn From Home Crypto Warrior Programme

EFH Programme is a part of Teach India the Future Money Movement.

When you participate in EFH Programme you receive Tuition Fees from different levels to create a Secondary Income to support your Family.

Earn From Home (EFH) Programme of TEACH INDIA FUTURE MONEY is supported by doubleway.io based on the Ethereum Smart Contract Blockchain Technology.

EFH is to support ordinary people to live an extra-ordinary life of wellness.Wellness is living Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

EFH programme is a Risk Free, No Loss, No Boss & Self generating programme by teaching and helping others to earn money.

You can create Financial Freedom by working in this programme for one year.

Make everyone teach and earn through this programme.

It is a programme to live Debt free, Stress Free, Financially Free and Financially Free Life.

How to Participate as a Crypto Warrior ?

If you are willing to learn, choose a Teacher who will refer you and Teach You the Future Money Programme and you shall pay 0.08 ETH through the system as Tuition fee

You will be given access to Online Teaching Packages and support through Social Media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Step 1

Select 2 Students for you to Teach the Future Money Programme and Receive from them 0.08 ETH each as Tuition Fee This is your First Level of Students.

Step 2

With 0.16 ETH you have received you buy the right to Teach the Second Level Team of Students.When the first two of your students buy teaching level 2 to teach their 2 students you will receive 0.64 (4 x 0.16) ETH.

Step 3

Next, you buy the Third Teaching Level with 0.32 ETH (half of what you have already received) you are now eligible to receive 0.32 ETH from all the 8 students when each one buys the Third Teaching Level totaling to (8 x 0.32) 2.56 ETH.

Step 4

You can then buy the Fourth Teaching Level by paying 0.64 ETH (One-Fourth of 2.56 ETH you have already received) you now become eligible to receive 0.64 ETH from 16 students when each one buys the Fourth Teaching Level totaling (16 x 0.64) to 10.24 ETH.

You can buy the Teaching Levels from the earnings you have made from the system and not bring in New ETH.

Everything starts with 0.08 ETH Tuition fee you have paid to the person who taught you.

It becomes evident that you have to Teach students of your team to Level Up and Level Up their teaching levels.

If they don’t Level Up they will not Earn and you will also not Earn.

Support your Team Students to Level up whenever required to make everybody teach and everybody earn money.

Step 5

After 4 Teaching levels you can buy 5th Teaching level by paying 1.28 ETH (one-eighth of 10.24 ETH you have already received) you now become eligible to receive 1.28 ETH from 32 students when each one buys Fifth Teaching level totaling to (32 x 1.28) 40.96 ETH.

Step 6

You can then buy the 6th Teaching level by paying 2.56 ETH (from the 40.96 ETH you have already received) you now become eligible to receive 2.56 ETH from 64 students when each one buys the Sixth Teaching Level totaling to (64 x 2.56) 163.84 ETH.

Step 7

You can now buy the 7th Teaching level by paying 5.12 ETH (out of 163.84 ETH you have already received) you now become eligible to receive 5.12 ETH from 128 students when each one buys the Seventh Teaching Level totaling to (128 x 5.12) 655.36 ETH.

Step 8

You can then buy the 8th Teaching level by paying 10.24 ETH (out of 655.36 ETH you have already received) you now become eligible to receive 10.24 ETH from 256 students when each one buys the Eighth Teaching Level.

Your Income from Eighth Teaching Level is (256 x 10.24) 2621.44 ETH.

Total Income from all Eight Teaching levels 3495.2 ETH and your total Teaching Level purchases is only 20.4 ETH.

Your net income from Eight Teaching levels by teaching 512 Students and their team of students will be 3474.8 ETH.

The income you generate is from Teaching Level-Up fees your team students pay.

By following the Level-Up process everyone can earn and achieve their teaching and earning Goals.

Please understand the Mechanics Earn From Home Programme of TEACH INDIA FUTURE MONEY Movement.

Always set a Weekly Goal– the number of students you want to teach, Levels you want to reach and the ETH you want to Earn

Special Features

  1. No Company
  2. No office
  3. No Directors
  4. No Risk
  5. Based on Block Chain Technology
  6. Ethereum Smart Contract
  7. Electronic Ledger
  8. Nobody can change/manipulate/terminate / suspend any account
  9. No Marketing
  10. No Product Selling
  11. Low Tuition Fees
  12. Attractive earnings.
  13. Less Work. More Earning.
  14. Strong Foundation for future life.
  15. Life Time opportunity.

For the First time, not a single person in the world can stop it. There is No company or Board of Directors that can block a participants account or change the Terms and Conditions of the programme.

Programme and the entire network for the first time belong to the participants, not the company. Funds on a decentralized wallet are also controlled for the first time by the participant himself and not by bank, payment system or Company.


Please study the EFH programme and doubleway.io and take your own decision To Participate or Not To Participate in the EFH programme.

Teach India Future Money Movement does not make any offers, promises, guarantees or take responsibility for the income shown in the Doubleway.io Earning Plan. The Figure shown are only potential for one’s earning.

Your earning will solely depend on your knowledge, your teaching efforts and your level of participation.

You are requested to take responsibility for selecting students, teaching them, creating a student team and for your earnings.