Teach Two Teach Two Programme (TTP)


Cryptocurrency is going to be the main currency of the world in future.

The collapse of more than 1000 banks in the US in the year 2008-2009 has to lead to the launch of cryptocurrencies which are based on Blockchain technology in which there is no bank or any other authorities involved in the transfer of money from one person to another person.

Cryptocurrencies are totally digitalized, unlike paper currency which is known as Fiat currency.

In the Future Fiat currencies and Financial institutions dealing with them will disappear and cryptocurrencies will rule the world.

What are we going to do ?

We need to prepare ourselves for the future otherwise we will be left behind in history. We will become ill-literate Financially just like that illiterates of these days who cannot read and write. We need to learn and understand the functioning and Usage of Cryptocurrency Transactions to prepare ourselves for the future.

What we need to Learn / Teach ?

  1. What is Cryptocurrency ?
  2. What is BLOCK Chain ?
  3. What is a Smart Contract ?
  4. What is Cryptocurrency wallet ?
  5. What is Cryptocurrency exchange ?
  6. What is Hash ?
  7. What is Gas Fee ?
  8. What is Bitcoin ?
  9. What is Ethereum ?
  10. What is Ether (ETH) ?

The Purpose :

  1. Teach Indian people digital currencies and their transactions.
  2. This is a community development Programme to give Knowledge.

It is Each One – Teach Two and Support them to Teach Two, Teach Two, Teach Two programme (TTP)

How you can participate ?

You can choose to become a Crypto Volunteer.

Crypto Volunteer – Teach 2 Teach 2 Programme ( TTP )

How to participate in TTP as a Crypto Volunteer ?

Anyone who knows about Cryptocurrency can participate in the Teach 2 Teach 2 Programme (TTP) as a Crypto Volunteer.

You can register Free and teach Free.

It is an Online / Mobile Teaching Programme.

You shall Select 2 people from your Friends and Relatives, Teach them and prepare them to use Cryptocurrencies.

You shall empower your Crypto students to duplicate what you did and their students duplicate what they did.

When you register you will be given free access to Crypto Teaching Packages.

Once your student commit to teach and register as a Crypto Volunteer they will also be given free access to Crypto Teaching Packages.

Once you complete teaching your 2 students your service will be acknowledged by an online appreciation certificate.

Click here to register as a Crypto Volunteer